Are you tired of shaving, tweezing or waxing? If so, you may want to consider ICON laser hair removal. The cutting-edge technology delivers dramatic, permanent hair reduction results! Enjoy silky, smooth skin today and every day!

Permanent Hair Reduction

ICON by Cynosure® utilizes light-based technology offering a permanent solution for dealing with unwanted facial and body hair. It works by using heat to target and destroy the cells responsible for hair growth without harming any of the surrounding skin. The damage sustained by the hair follicles will inhibit future regrowth of hair.

Light-based hair reduction delivers superior results. The procedure has been shown to be safe and is recommended for use on almost all areas of the body including the face, underarms, arms, back, legs, chest, and the bikini area.

Your permanent hair reduction procedure is fast and simple, with each treatment taking just minutes to complete. You will not need any downtime, meaning you can return to your daily activities immediately. The technology is FDA approved and has been shown to be effective on most skin types.

Expected Results

You may begin to see hair reduction results after just one treatment, although we recommend several treatments to achieve long-lasting results. Depending on the area targeted, we may recommend 5-7 sessions.

Permanent Hair Reduction Near Me

If you live in San Pedro, CA or the surrounding areas and you are tired of dealing with the daily hassle of removing unwanted hair, schedule an appointment with a consultant at Aesthetics & Hyperbarics. We will address any of your questions and concerns. Your smooth, hairless skin is just a phone call away!

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