If you are looking for ways to reduce the appearance of unsightly scars, you may want to consider the ICON® laser system that effectively and significantly lessens, or even erases your scars. Isn't it time you enjoyed smooth, beautiful skin?

The ICON® Laser System Overview

The ICON® fractional laser system, developed by the world's leaders in fractional laser technology, is an effective, fast and simple solution for scar removal. You will love the dramatic results!

The procedure involves the use of advanced laser technology, which targets and breaks down scar tissue that makes up your unwanted scars, and triggers the production of healthy, new tissue. The energy delivered by the laser causes scars to slowly disappear through the body's natural healing process. Most patients experience a significant reduction in the appearance of scars with a more smooth and even skin texture.

Why ICON® for Scar Removal?

With our non-invasive, innovative laser technology, you can quickly and safely eliminate unsightly scars with minimal discomfort and little to no downtime. You will enjoy silky, smooth skin in just a few treatments. ICON® laser removal is effective on any skin type or color, with most patients reporting excellent results.

Scar Removal in San Pedro, CA

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